If you have a look below you will see that I seem to have a serious problem with finishing projects. I hope to tear this problem asunder in the coming year.

A list of comics by me ...:
  • Moderately Decent man (2017) An episodic story, in which brutal stoppings of life occur
  • Giga Egg (2018) Two reporters travel to a mysterious island to get their big scoop and save their jobs. (Unfinished) (Gave up 50 pages in ... what a shame)
  • Nemulen (2019) Forsaken by his people, Nemulen is left on Earth to suffer for the rest of his days. (Unfinished)
  • Dawp Goes to the Lower Level (2020) A surreal tale of heroism (Unfinished) (There is still hope for this one)
Comics I Shall be Working on in the Future:
  • Sir Rolf's Grand Adventure (Currently in development)
  • D&D miniature comic
  • Pinion the Wind-up man